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Launching a Short Film

Over the course of my filmmaking career, I've made a lot of short films. I've also attended many film festivals as a participant, a judge, and also a ticket-buying spectator. I understand the world of short films. And, I understand there's no money to be made by creating short films.

So what's the point in making a short film? It used to be as a calling card. I suppose it still could be if you make a "Hollywood" looking film. But for now, the reason I'm making short films is so I connect with other filmmakers that I want to connect with by showing them what I've done, and offering, or asking to be involved with them in the next project.

What does that mean for short film distribution? Well, it means that I publish it on YouTube and put it out there into the world via social media, emails, and any other route for getting views. Then, once my target audience as seen it... I'm asking them to participate in the next film with me.

Bottom line: Short film launching and distribution isn't glamourous, you're not going to get rich, and you're not going to get famous. And, if you're making a quality short films, they probably won't go viral. The viral stuff is short and consumable by the masses. Quality film has a little bit more depth and not everyone's going to like it. Therefore, you need to have another objective:

My objective for creating and distributing my short films is purely to gain momentum and partnerships for my next film. With that... wanna collaborate?!

Rock on, B

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