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The Search For The Perfect IP

I'm in the search for intellectual properties for their adaptation into low-budget feature films. I currently own numerous feature scripts; I've been writing feature screenplays since film school where I focused on producing and screenwriting. I have about 10 feature scripts written. However... if you've written scripts, you know, they're never really finished. You can always keep evolving them with the times, tweaking them for budget, and a thousand other reasons why you haven't reached the magical "Final Draft". Or, as the saying goes: "Films are never finished. They're released."

I know I'm capable of finalizing one of my scripts, but... why wear more filmmaking hats than I need to? Independent filmmaking is already hard enough. Plus, I might as well find something that other people already like and have vouched for instead of reinventing the wheel. Basically, flow with existing creative momentum.

Therefore, what I've decided is I want to find an existing property that already has a beginning, middle and end. Something malleable, but nonetheless finished. Finding this will be jumping one of the biggest hurdles in producing my first feature film.

The way I've been searching for IP is via friends, family, and social media. And now... blogging! So, do you have a screenplay that could be produced as a small, indie feature? Or maybe an unpublished or self-published novel that would make a great movie? Other potential creative works that could be adapted into a narrative feature film are documentaries, unique life story rights, plays, or even short stories. If so, feel free to hit me up. Let's make movies together!

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