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Film Location, Filming Location, Location Filming!

I wanna talk about filming locations for your short film, commercial project, and feature film. A hospitable and good-looking location is crucial artistically and logistically for a film.

Think about the movies you love. You probably think about the locations they're filmed in too: the house from Halloween, the Death Star in Star Wars, the colors of the island in the Jurassic Park series, or....the Rocky steps (as seen in the attached photo!). Locations creatively matter. Also, logistical considerations are important for the crew. Elements such as parking, restrooms, air conditioning, and things that make working easier. Filmmaking is already hard enough. No need make it more difficult.

One of the ways that I've found to help the location scouting process for productions is to use Peerspace. It's kind of like Airbnb for locations. In fact, I could not have done my last short film without them. It was so easy to find what I needed and could budget the costs without a buncha call.

Another filming location thing I want to mention: The use of private residences. You could use a someone's home to shoot it, but it's a hassle on numerous levels. Think permits, parking, neighbors, dog and gardener noises, and more. But... if do work at someone's home... I suggest you put them up in a hotel. It's also ideal to film in a home of a resident that is understands what a film crew being on their property means. It's not tidy and it's very invasive. Make sure they know and understand this reality before you bring the crew to their front porch.

Bottom line: If you're prepping, a film, consider thinking about a location as early as you're thinking about actors. It's a way that you can enhance the creative and logistical side of a production.

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