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Let's Make a Genre Movie!

What kind of movie should an indie filmmaker make? The kind that leads to making another film!

In this time in place, when viewership is scattered and niched, the best way to make a film that will lead you to making another film is via genre films.

Here's a solid definition from Wikipedia:

"A film genre is a motion-picture category based on similarities either in the narrative elements, aesthetic approach, or the emotional response to the film."

When talking about genre films we mean a category of films such as: horror, sci-fi, holiday, religious, sports, etc. Basically, a movie in which the viewer knows what they're gonna get.

I've been considering making a genre feature film for a while. In particular, a horror film for the Shudder community. Nonetheless, I appreciate all genre film for a variety of reasons. Most notable: a loyal fan base and established/expected boundaries.

Genre films are like sporting events. There are rules, norms, and traditions that you have to play within in order to excel. A Christmas movie needs snow and family. An inspirational sports movie needs a " You can do it" speech moment. A horror movie needs scares. If a film can excel within those borders, it has achieved its "good genre film" status and the viewer base is happy. Additionally, if the filmmaker does something unique within these boundaries, the fans will cheer for you even louder.

What genre of movies are you prepping to create?

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